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This collection plays with the theories of “Gestalt”. Objects we perceive are seen, categorised, abstracted, generalised and interpreted. Simply spoken we separate them into their individual characteristics in order to reveal the harmonious whole.
The principles of „Gestalt“ are normally structured and organised by using grouping laws. Each adornment consists of open and closed areas which form basic shapes. Combined with each other as well as worn the overall shape shifts.

Bine Roth’s jewellery works with human’s perception. The designs are characterised by a combination of strong shapes combined with a serene lightness of movable chains which allow the designs to dance on the body. Innovative and daring, timeless and traditional sometimes understated sometimes extravagant.

She is also a member of the design platform Peut-Porter


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Bine Roth Jewellery
5 Borthwick Street
London SE8 3GH
United Kingdom

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